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Come let Queen Hatshepsut take you on a tour of her temple!


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Queen Hatshepsut was born in the 15th century BC, Her mother and farther was both of royalty, her father Tuthmose I and mother Aahmes. Hatshepsut  had two brothers the oldest son ruled for three years upon his farthers’ death then also passed as well, there is also one more son left to rule but he is to young at the time so Hatshepsut will now get the chance to be the Queen of Egypt. Hatshep sut regined for 20 years before she died in early Febuary of 1482 BC. The cause of her death is unknown but people say that her nephew Thutmose III had her killed.


Hatshepsut's temple was designed by Senmut who was a architect and her secret lover.


Here is Hatshepsuts family tree.