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Come let Queen Hatshepsut take you on a tour of her temple!

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Temple Facts
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Queen Hatshepsut's temple is named "Djeser Djeseru" meaning "the splendour of splendours". The temple was designed by the architect "Semnout" he did a great job there use to be lots of monuments of Hatshepsut through out her temple, but after her death Thuthmose III tried to erase her from egypt, by removing any statute or monument that was of her. The temple is overshadowed by the peak of the thebes which is the "Lover of the Silence," The goddess that watched over necropolis lived here.
There use to be sphinxes that lined all the way up the road to the temple, and there are ramps lead to each terrace. On the south side of the temple toward the middle are reliefs that show the trip that Hatshepsut took from the Red Sea to Punt, the land of incense. In that front of the upper terraceis you can see statues of Queen Hatshepsut while see is tooking out over the valley. As you go through the temple you can see statues and sphinxes of the Queen, but most of them were reconstructed from thousands of smashed pieces that was done after her death.
     On the inside there is a place where the is inscripting in colour where it talks about the Holly Birth of Queen Hatshepsut. There are also pictures engraved in the walls of Semnout her architect and secret lover.

Below is a Picture of the temples layout.