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Come let Queen Hatshepsut take you on a tour of her temple!

Our Tour

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Temple Facts
Our Tour
Extra pictures

Frist we well travel from the Hotel to this road that you can see in the picture below which goes through the Valley of the Kings and then takes us to the Temple of Hatshepsut.


As we go up the road we will be able to the front of the temple as the picture below portrays. The temple was built by her lover Senenmut, at Deir el-Bahri, Egypt, in 1550


Here we will be walking up on the front terrace that will take us to the inside. If you will look  you will be able to see on the third terrace statuse that line the wall  that are of Hatshepsut.


In the next two pictures you can see the statues of Hatshepsut on the third level.



Before we go in the temple lets take a look at this statue of the goddess of Harthor.


In this room you bill be able to see the story of hatshepsuts travel from the Red Sea to Punt, in the next few pictures you will be able to see close ups of the story that is carved into the walls.



In this picture you can see better  what was exactly on the collums in the room of the story of punt.


We will also go inot to the room that shows a birds relief.


Now we are on the south part of the second terrace as we  go into this room you will see beautiful captions on the wall and on the colonnades


Here you can see a close up of the second terrace and some of the colonnades.


this is some of the inteior of the north wing.  It is the end of the colonnade.


As we arrive on the third terrace you can see huge statutes of Queen Hatshepsut as shown below. you can see all the features of the man that she created for herself so that she would look more like a king.


This is one of the statues of Queen Hatshepsut, it is located on the third terrace of the temple.